About Us

Coffee gives us our daily JOLT but should be experienced throughout the day to connect with old friends, make new friends and simple allow us to reflect on our own. Coffee can be tasted anywhere but exceptional coffee is experienced and our mission is to introduce you to the best independent coffee shops nearby so you can experience the revolution of what is occurring with coffee and feed your daily fix with the best coffee your body can turn into energy. I'm Aubrey, a coffee enthusiast who appreciates a great cup of coffee in a independent coffee shop. I love the experience I get from discovering a new coffee shop that blows away my expectations with their coffee and I'd love to share with you some of the best coffee shops that not only make amazing coffee but have some of the coolest spaces for simply kicking back and feeling like you're home.

Our mission is to provide coffee lovers, not just great coffee, but an opportunity to feel at home in a shop they love, to discover a place that meets all of your needs whether that be for just experiencing a great cup of coffee or a place to work, relax, network, study, or simply a place to escape. JOLT helps coffee and tea lovers find the best independent shops that best meet your coffee criteria and gives you the flexibility of paying for your daily Jolt with your mobile phone. We know big coffee chains are everywhere and its easy to drop into them for a quick purchase but sometimes the cost of waiting on long lines in overly crowded shops can become simply annoying. We want to make the process of getting a coffee easy again for anyone! We believe in supporting local business owners and the coffee shops that add character to our neighborhoods. When you subscribe to JOLT you're supporting your local neighborhood and maintaining the culture through supporting your local coffee shop we all enjoy reading books at, people watching and of course, enjoying our morning coffee at. We recognize our coffees choices may differ from person to person but at some point throughout each day all coffee lovers need their daily JOLT!