Can I use Jolt Coffee App without subscribing?

Yes.You can enjoy all the benefits of JOLT without needing to sub-scribe. You can simply add a credit card or debit card and pay as you go while enjoying all the benefit of using JOLT. can subscribe to either a All Drinks or Classics subscription via your email or through your social media account(s) such as FaceBook or Google.

What happens when you collect the data from my social media account(s)?

Using your social media such as Google + and Facebook make signing up for JOLT simple and it's also a cool way to share with friends. We don't use any of your personal information for marketing and all information shared with JOLT through social media will never be sold or distributed to any third parties. Of course, JOLT will never post anything to social media on your behalf.

How many coffee shops does JOLT support?

The purpose of JOLT is to introduce users to the best coffee in the city. You can use use JOLT at all of our partner locations.

What drinks can I buy with JOLT?

Our classics plan includes, Drip, Americano, Brew and Tea, Our All drinks include everything from, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Macchiato

What is the unlimited subscription?

JOLT provide users with the option to drink as much coffee or tea per day as you want when you subscribe to a unlimited plan. Yup, we know it awesome! The only restriction is that you will have to wait 27 minutes in between purchases with the unlimited plan.

How do I use the service once I download JOLT App?

JOLT is super Easy to use. Add a credit card or debit card. Search the shops from our coffee shop partner scroll menu, walk into that shop, order your drink from the Barista, select your drink and size from that specific coffee shop, show your phone to the Barista who will validate your purchase with a code and thats’s it.Enjoy your JOLT!

How do I know which coffee shops nearby me have JOLT?

Our map feature shows all of our coffee shop locations. No matter where you are in the city, all you have to do is open up JOLT and you'll be able to quickly locate where you can experience an amazing coffee or tea with JOLT!

Am I able to view my JOLT History?

Of Course. You can see all your JOLT beverage purchases under our "History" from the menu. Tap on the left hand corner three lines to pull up your "View Profile" and choose from "My History"